mifold making it easier on the go

When Aubrey hit 4 years old, having already surpassed the weight and height requirements, he was all too eager to switch to a big boy booster seat. We love our Highback booster but needed something easier than taking ours in and out if Rob or anyone else was taking him in their vehicle. We had seen the MiFold compact booster on social media for a few months and when Canadian Tire asked us to try it out, I jumped at the chance.

The thing is, that the booster seat design hasn’t been changed much in the past 50 years and the cumbersome build didn’t necessarily fit The new normal busy family life. Instead of having one car per family, we now have many. Instead of parents traveling on their own, we now plan trips with our children. On top of all of that, the length of time that a child is in a booster seat is longer and having a petite 8-year-old carrying around a big old booster seat doesn’t do much for their confidence.

What makes the MiFold so great is that it is literally the size of the wipes container you keep in your baby bag, small enough to be thrown in and head out, from the airport to the carpool. But, just because the size is so much smaller, doesn’t mean that safety has been jeopardized. These compact seats are just as safe as what is on the market today. The difference is that an older booster raises the child up to have the seat belt fit properly and away from the belly. The MiFold uses the same safety specs, but instead, lowering the seat belts to the child.

We have used ours a few times each week for the past month and although there are some cons to the seat (check the video below) overall, the whole concept and ease is fantastic. I wouldn’t change out my regular high back booster to use it for every day, but when traveling or if your son is being driven in someone else’s car, this is definitely our go-to.

At less than $80, the MiFold is a great price point instead of investing in a second booster and is available exclusively in Canada at Canadian Tire.

Thanks to Canadian Tire, I am giving you all two chances to win a Mifold for your family. Head to my Instagram account to see chance one, or Sign up for my Newsletter below to be entered in for chance number two. There will be one winner from each platform and the contest closes Friday July 28th at 11:59pm.