Booster Seats Go Bum-to-Bum!

Many things come with parenthood and one of them is a lot of time in the car. Whether it’s driving the kids to and from school, carpooling to dance, transporting your Scout Troop or the sports team. The driving is endless and there always seems to be an extra kid to drive! But don’t just throw the child into a regular car seat with a seatbelt because you could be putting them at risk.

What most parents don’t know is that kids need a booster seat until they are a certain height and weight. Check your local regulations but the standard is a child should be in a booster until they are 4’9” tall and approximately 8–12-years-old which means you will be using a booster for quite a while, perhaps even through middle school depending on height! Some parents will just put an extra child into the car with a seat belt which isn’t always safe so having an extra booster in your car is key.

There are several compact boosters on the market including the mifold and its competitor the BubbleBum. But what do you choose? Well, most parents want safe and easy and the choice is simple: the mifold. Why? Because with the mifold, you don’t need to inflate it. Yes! With BubbleBum you must blow it up. Who has time for that when you just want to get on your way and the kids are freezing or starving?

Laura, a mom of four from Massachusetts says about the mifold, “I wish I had this seat when my three older boys were in boosters. It’s compact, safe and easily storable. We often have tons of kids and adults in and out of our SUV and having to move huge booster seats and find a space for them in the trunk is a pain. Here you just unfold, use and fold away. It’s also great for that extra kid who needs a ride home from practice or a play date! My 5-year-old loves it because he thinks it’s cool because it folds up. There is no way I would want to inflate and deflate a booster, not with four busy boys in the house!”

Here are 8 more reasons why to choose the mifold over BubbleBum:

1. mifold is 10x smaller than a regular booster seat including the Bubble Bum when inflated

2. mifold is nearly 5x smaller than Bubble Bum when it is folded (see photos below)

3. Quick use: mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat is designed to take 30-sec. to properly install even when mifold is completely folded up when BubbleBum take at least 3-minutes to remove from the bag and inflate.

4. mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat has a 7-year expiration date compared to 4 years for BubbleBum.

5. Hygiene is not a consideration when multiple people use mifold, as there is no inflation required by mouth. No one wants to be asked to blow up a booster seat which you must do with BubbleBum.

6. It is impossible for a child to deflate and fold up a BubbleBum booster, you can never get it back in the bag so you have a very big floppy thing to carry around.

7. It is impossible to know if you are using it correctly … how much to do inflate it? Too much, not enough?

8. Kids wobble using BubbleBum, not so with mifold.

If you’re not already convinced, know that the mifold is also used by at least one police department in the country for transporting kids safely in their cruisers during unexpected situations. Police don’t have time to inflate a booster seat so go for the mifold!

mifold retails for $44.99 and can be purchased online here:

Bubblebum retails for $29.99 and can be purchased online here:

Just see for yourself! mifold vs. BubbleBum — It’s a nobrainer!

Just see for yourself! mifold vs. BubbleBum — It’s a nobrainer!