Family Vacation in Oregon

The entire time we were in Oregon we drove around in a rental car. So this is my PSA-- make sure your kids are in carseats or boosters if they need them. Even when you travel! My youngest is 'needs to be in a booster' age. But to be honest, I didn't always bring a booster due to size etc.


Then I found this --it's called the mifold booster. It is 10x smaller than the average booster but just as safe. Instead of lifting your kid to the position of the adult seat belt, mifold adapts the belt to your kids.  And it is so small- it fits in my purse! I wanted to mention this because now there is no excuse not to have a booster on hand when you travel this summer.  Your kiddos can always be safe, no matter whose car they are in. (This is not a paid post, I just wanted to pass along the tip!)