getting around in NYC with your kids just got easier & safer

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New York City is arguably the taxi capital of America and home of the classic yellow taxicab, and growing each day in the ride sharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.) category as well.

In the past few years, ride sharing services have become serious players in the transportation market of most major cities like New York. As long as you have a cellphone with a data connection plan, you can hail a ride, monitor a driver’s progress to pick you up, and pay for the ride in one easy transaction.

In New York, with busy streets and rules on pick-up locations, taxicabs still are at times the easier way to go. Just put your hand out and jump on into one.

Now all that sounds fine and easy, but all these services are a bit more complicated for families with kids. Will a car be big enough for a family? And for younger kids, what about car seats? And if they do have a car seat, will it be one that my child will feel comfortable in?

Well, gone are the days of families worrying! For the first time ever, we have come across the mifold grab and go booster seat ( that can literally fit into a child’s backpack or mom’s purse, and can easily be placed in any taxicab or ride sharing service vehicle within seconds.

Booster seats are usually big and bulky, and that is why most taxicabs or ride sharing cars have them, as they take up an entire space for a passenger, but what we have found with mifold is that its so small and portable, that more cars and families in the New York City are choosing this one-of-kind booster for their kids.


aga buckling child 2.jpg


Up until now, we know some parents who use taxicabs and ride sharing cars frequently with their kids go without a car seat, but there are obvious safety concerns. Plus, many drivers will refuse to take you because of their own liability worries (and state laws vary on whether car seats are legally required).

So, if you are going to bring your kids along, you now have a quick and safe solution. Plus, the mifold products are easy to get, just drop into a Target or Walmart and pick one up in your favorite color.

Living and traveling in New York City with your kids shouldn’t be hard or be a safety concern, and that’s why this New York Gal recommends the mifold.