Kind & Jugend & Jaegermeister!

November 14, 2016 4 min read

Kind & Jugend & Jaegermeister!


Well hello again!

October has passed by and I can happily report a continued increase in mifold sales.  We have now delivered more than 60,000 orders internationally and are excited to say that we have delivered ALL orders made before the beginning of this month.  This represents in excess of $2.5M in sales and a major logistical achievement.  Kudos to Robert our COO.

The entire team has been and has safely returned from the Kind and Jugend trade show in Cologne which is the leading international trade fair for children, toddler and baby equipment.  This was the single most important event of the mifold year. The exhibition spans 100,000 square metres, has over 1000 exhibitors and more than 20,000 trade visitors over the course of 4 days.



As a result, the mifold office is certainly a positively buzzing place to work. I feel it important to mention that the new mifold sign I alluded to last month is proudly hanging outside our door, however the sign on the K&J stand did fall down!


Not a robust a sign like our office one.


We had an incredible custom-made stand and attracted unprecedented interest as mifold seemed to be one of the few innovations represented there.  Jon did a live demonstration and question and answer session standing precariously on a box and the stand was overwhelmed with hundreds of people!  We estimate that between the seven of us we spoke to more than a thousand people.  I can now unequivocally recite to you how exactly mifold works, who it’s suitable for and why it is the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in my deepest sleep. The show enabled the team some quality time together  - 15 hours per day on the stand followed by client entertaining and then nightcaps at the bar. Oh how I love Jaegermeister! It took me and my liver three weeks to recuperate.  Thankfully Jon caved in to team pressure and we were able to sleep the few precious hours remaining each night in a hotel as opposed to the 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment originally booked!  Jon is a fantastic boss!




The show allowed us the opportunity to meet and get to know our lovely new distributors from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Chile, Israel, Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and seal several new exclusive distribution agreements namely in Taiwan, Russia, Italy, Scandinavia, South Korea and Japan with a number of others also in the pipeline.  Particular recognition should go to Ken “the machine” Ganor whose ability to sell mifold continuously 24 hours a day has become legendary. Overall Kind and Jugend was a great success and we have already booked for next year.


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Thanks to Mark our CMO, in the USA, mifold is now available to buy online from Amazon, Target, Rightstart,, Buybuy Baby and Babies R Us.  We have started selling directly to the US through our own website and now have the logistics in place to deliver orders 5 - 7 days after they are placed in the US.

We are continuing to sell to Europe Asia and the rest of the world through our Indiegogo platform but are working towards worldwide direct sales through in the next few months.

This marks a move away from mifold’s crowdfunding stage and the start of the next phase in our sales strategy.


mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat on 


Davide our brand manager has been having fun working with all our distributors translating our packaging and marketing information into German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian.  The team has taken particular delight in saying designer bag in German, “designertragetasche”.


The Japanese mifold pack


Rachel took a starring role in the new mifold “How to” video showing exactly how one can install their mifold:
Everyone please give Rachel a big thumbs up for her performance!  I would also like to draw your attention to the fantastic PR work that our Hong Kong Distributors, Joywood have done with


Big thumbs up!


Three final points before I finish off.

Last month the results of a survey we sent out to all our customers revealed that nearly 90% would recommend mifold to a friend – not a bad statistic.

I would like to warmly welcome Rayna Fidler to the mifold team who joins us with over twenty years financial experience as Financial Controller  - I think I had now keep better control of all those wayward receipts and invoices!


Rayna Fidler - Financial Controller 


And finally I am delighted to say that mifold has been awarded first prize in the Consumer Products Category in the NASA TechBriefs Create the Future Design Contest 2016 and Jon will be presented with a prize at an awards ceremony in New York next month. I hope it’s more than a box of chocolates.

Have a great month!