Blasting into 2019!

So spring has sprung once more and I feel it high time to fill you in on the goings on at mifold. The team has been beavering away with little time to draw breath but the first quarter has been filled with excitement and I am delighted to report that we have just had the best quarter ever in terms of mifold sales!

The year kicked off with the launch of mifold in nearly 1000 Walmart stores in US. Overall mifold sales in total are up more that 50% on last year with significant growth in the US with our major retailers.


hifold is in the final stages of development and has I am thrilled to tell you that it has just passed regulatory tests in the US. Our ultimate aim is to deliver the highest quality and safest product possible and we will not compromise on this.  We are committed to delivering a product that meets the highest expectations on safety, comfort and ease of use. To this end have we run several consumer and CPST market research groups to ascertain what demands parents have of their highback boosters.

crash test.jpeg

A a result over the last couple of months, we have made some significant improvements to hifold including redesigning the shoulder clip to improve safety and ease of use. We have also increased adjustability by giving hifold 9 height settings and 3 adjustments to each of the head, arm and seat base widths. This means that hifold will have 243 different size configurations! We have also added a shoulder strap to improve ease of carrying and a restraining buckle for easy storage. We are sure that these changes will significantly improve mifold. Mass production is due to start in June.

In March we officially launched hifold at the JPMA Tradeshow in Orlando - our stand was pretty impressive and hifold as well as the free beer, ice cream and popcorn attracted serious attention!

Thrillingly , hifold has also won its first award, The IDA International Design Award receiving Gold in the Childrens Products/Car Seat category. May this be the first award of many!


In the past couple of months, the marketing teams has been focused on ensuring that our new mifold Brand Bible is being used across the board both internally and externally. As part of this process, distributors from around the world attended four Brand Bible webinars.

In this day and age, Video is King so the marketing team has also created over a dozen videos so far this year to promote mifold on social media. Here is one we shot at the airport to show mifold’s versatility when travelling with kids and luggage.

Also in March we launched our new Ambassadors Program. Over 50 people who are passionate about mifold including CPSTs , influencers, mums, dads grandparents and caregivers have been recruited to promote mifold in their communities. We look forward to seeing the results of their work over the coming months and reading their social media posts helping to create more awareness for mifold.


We have been working hard over the past few months to utilise the powers of influencers and bloggers by teaming up with them to offer competitions and giveaways in return for reviews. We post regularly on Facebook and are fast developing our Instagram activities.

On the sales front, as already mentioned, the US market is strong. We have secured new distribution agreements in France , the Benelux region, Romania Ecuador and Mongolia. What is more, as I write Jacqui and Matt have embarked on a huge roadshow around Europe and Asia to visit distributors, promote hifold, consolidate Rest of World Sales and look for new sales opportunities. We are all excited by the possibilities and potential that lay ahead!

matt and jacqui.jpeg

The finance team continues to keep us all in check producing snazzy reports each week and month to chart our growth amongst its numerous other activities!. Excitingly I can also report that I am now also involved in the Finance team (maintaining my part in Marketing, Customer Service, Regulatory Affairs and Office Management). I like to keep my fingers in a lot of pies!

Jon in his usual style has been travelling extensively conducting crash tests, visiting the factory in China, attending car seat conventions and perfecting his PR. To this end he made several appearances on US TV - please see below:

Aside from the all the work, we have of course managed to find some time for a few extra curricular activities. A murder mystery evening and the mifold company awards were particular highlights as was Robert’s gallantry when he changed a damsel in distress’s tire outside our office! However the big event of the year was of course the lovely Davide’s wedding! What a night! Many congratulations to him and Liron.

With that I will sign off wishing you a successful sunny and scintillating Q2!