The mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat is regulated under the most universally accepted global car booster seat regulations, specifically:

European Union ECE R44/04; FMVSS 213 in the United States, and the RSSR regulations in Canada. Carfoldio Ltd., (the Company that manufactures mifold) has conducted comprehensive test programs in test facilities certified for each of these standards to confirm compliance with each of these regulations. You can find the relevant information about each of these on this page.

Carfoldio is dedicated to providing high quality products utilizing premium raw materials and detailed quality assurance procedures. We perform rigid quality control testing both internally and we test the final product at testing facilities certified for each of the regulations to verify initial and on-going compliance. Carfoldio is committed to providing our customers with a mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat that is high quality, functional, and portable that meets the needs of active families.

Based on our comprehensive testing of the product, Carfoldio has verified and can certify that testing of mifold has been completed successfully with all tests yielding results that either meet or exceed the requirements of the applicable regulation FMVSS 213.

As part of our Quality Assurance program, we are committed to a schedule of on-going product testing to ensure that all mifold® Booster Seats are manufactured to our specifications and meet all of the regulatory requirements of FMVSS 213.

European Union

It is mandatory to use child car seats within the EU for all children up to a height of 1.35m or 1.50m – depending on the rules applicable in each member state. 

There are currently two legal standards for child car seats in Europe:

  1. ECE R44/04 
    ECE R44 is a regulation that covers child restraint systems from Group 0 for new-born infants to Group 3 for booster car seats for children up to 36 kg (80 lbs.)
  2. ECE R129

ECE R129 (also known as i-Size) is a new standard for group 0/0+/1 seats that are necessary for smaller children