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Child Safety

Is our passion

Hi, I’m Jon, the inventor of mifold, The Grab-and-Go Booster Seat.  When my four children were small, we lived in America.  Our children were being driven everywhere by other people as well as ourselves.

Car safety is important to us and we wanted to make sure that the kids always had the correct car seat, but we often found that booster seats were not available; especially when we were carpooling with other families.

So, I thought, if I could make a booster that was really small and really tough, that could easily be taken everywhere, then our children would always be safe, no matter whose car they are in.

And we’ve done it, mifold is mighty small and mighty strong. mifold is the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world.

It’s more than ten times smaller than a regular booster and it’s just as safe. We call it the 'Grab-and-Go’ Booster seat.




Jon Sumroy

Founder, CEO

A history of developing, launching and growing businesses, categories and brands. Former senior executive at large companies like Unilever and Johnson & Johnson; current inventor, executive coach, speaker, and entrepreneur.




Robert has over 22 years experience in the fields of manufacturing, retail, heavy civil construction and investment fund management.

Mark Silberstein

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark’s 16 years of experience in the Juvenile industry include acquiring, building and successfully selling Infantino, LLC to a Private Equity Firm.

Ken Ganor

Vice President of Business Development

Ken is self-motivated and goal-oriented senior sales director, with 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C international sales in the fields of consumer goods, medical devices and agritech.


Brand Manager

Davide manages marketing for mifold including, overseeing the brands social media presence and other initiatives.  Davide joined mifold after graduating with a degree in Communications and Interactive Media.


Office & Customer Service Manager

Carmel is the Office Manager and Customer Service Manager at mifold. She has many years of experience in recruitment before taking time to have a family. Carmel then moved to China where she founded a jewelry import/export business.


Rachel Corney Gerstler

Customer Service Manager

Rachel is responsible for dealing with all customer related issues. In addition she is assisting our CFO with various logistical and financial tasks. She lived in Shanghai for 6 years.


   Grab & Go Child Booster Seat

10x Smaller, Just as Safe